Trump asks Comey to go easy on Flynn 2/14/2017

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Trump asks Comey to go easy on Flynn 2/14/2017
Date February 14, 2020
Type Verbal Statements
Topics Corruption, Norm Breaking, Russia
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After a meeting in the Oval Office, Trump asks Comey to stay behind to "talk about Mike Flynn," according to Comey's testimony. Trump allegedly tells Comey that Flynn "is a good guy," saying he hopes Comey "can let this go." Comey is noncommittal and briefs senior FBI leadership on the "very concerning" interaction, Comey writes. Comey does not inform DOJ officials about what Mr. Trump said, but reportedly implored then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to prevent future one-on-one discussions between the two, according to the testimony. Sessions does not reply, Comey says.