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How do I get involved?

Glad you asked! Please see our page on how to get involved.

What roles are you looking for?

It's on our page on how to get involved.

What is the aim of

To build a detailed crowdsourced record to help understand and tell the full story of the Trump era.

We are particularly focused on the actions and statements of the complicit public figures who enabled the past five years of unprecedented norm-breaking, corruption, and chaos.

Can I put <family member X> on the wiki? is not a platform for shaming your crazy uncle (unless you're Mary Trump). But we are interested in any public figures who used their power to enable Trump.

For more explanation, see our Onboarding Guide.

Are you trying to "cancel" people? Isn't it divisive?

We don't believe in "canceling" people.

But we also don't believe that forgiveness can come through amnesia.

And we don't believe that healing can come without transparency.

The Trump era was a highly divisive time. History has repeatedly shown that unity without accountability is unlikely to endure.

Not everybody on this wiki will have a record of unrepentant Trumpism.

There already are many complicit individuals who are walking a path of redemption.

Our greatest hope is that this wiki will hold many more stories like theirs.